The annual CHP Policy Forum will take place on November 13 and 14 in Washington, DC at the Park Hyatt Hotel. The forum will kick off with a reception and trade show the night of the 13th with a chance to network with industry and public sector leaders in CHP.

The next day on November 14th, attendees will hear a series of presentations about how local, state, and federal policies have enabled CHP. Each panel will feature a case study of a cooperative effort that worked to successfully get more CHP in the marketplace. With CHP being a solution that could solve a variety of energy needs, attendees will hear about small scale, medium scale, and large scale projects ranging from public buildings to industrial installations to hospitals.

CHP Association

CHP Association is a non-profit trade association representing diverse manufacturers, suppliers, and developers of CHP systems to promote the growth of clean, efficient local energy generation in the United States. Since 1999, CHP Association has been the leading voice of the CHP industry in the United States. CHP Association’s mission is to increase deployment of combined heat and power and waste energy recovery systems to benefit the environment and the economy.